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, Fingering, Natural Tits, Massage, Ass Massage, Ass, Bubble Butt, College, Cunilingus. Female ejaculation often occurs during the massage, which helps to further release any negative emotions and also it clears the sacred space to allow a deeper level of sexual pleasure to enter. Allow the hands to soften and very slowly begin to spread the oil between the fingers and around the Yoni making small circles with the fingertips and caressing the pubic bone. The left hand can be massaging and stroking other sensual areas of the body, so that a deeper connection and more intensified arousal are achieved. Place a drop of lubricant or good quality oil onto the fingertips and also let a couple of drops trickle onto the lips of the Yoni. This is only 10 minutes low res preview video of full 37:07 minutes HD quality video available in member area. Kissing is a sensual way to begin the massageto learn more about orgasmic kissing, click here. This is a process of release and letting go, so do not be surprised if it is a little overwhelming for the receiver. Date added: Rating: Bree Daniels, Stella Cox, categories : Oil, Pussy Licking, Big Tits, Brunette, Ass Rubbing, Tattoo, Tribbing, Body Massage, 69, Lesbians, Masturbation, Natural Tits, Stockings, Massage, Ass Massage, HD Porn, Member Fantasy, Redhead, Shaved Tribbing Tension Date added. A Yoni massage is a pleasurable gift that needs to be given very slowly as it is a deep expression of love.

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Pay attention to each breath, inhale and exhale and focus only on the here and now. For an intensified feeling, the finger next to the little finger can be entered at the same time as the middle finger, but check with the receiver first as this should only occur if the receiver is comfortable. Softly communicate so the receiver can confirm if each movement is pleasurable and what levels of speed and pressure they wish to receive. The emergence from the Yoni massage is one of universal awareness and a higher consciousness, awakening Kundalini energy. Before the Yoni massage takes place, I recommend connecting with the inner-Goddess and recognising our beauty, divine strength and the powerful aspects of our femininity. Relephant: How to have a fun, sexy, heartfelt, genuine, mutual experience when making love: Author: Alex Myles Editor: Travis May Photo: Allan Ottenstein MD Photography. yoni massage københavn all girl massage

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Feel the texture of the skin and move the fingers very slowly, paying attention to each part of the inner Yoni. Watching her body react to every touch the tightening of her muscles, the burning of her cheeks and muffled sighs of pleasure leaving her mouth makes the final climax scene still more impressive. Emotional, physical, and psychological healing takes place during the Yoni massage. All past hurts can be released including frustration, guilt, shame, abuse, disappointments and more. The Yoni massage should only begin when the body is fully relaxed and all tension has been released. While the massage is taking place, knots that hold negative emotion are felt as small blockages in the surface, which can be loosened and broken down and deeper tangles can also be dissolved with a firmer massage at a greater depth. The massage is a far more mental and spiritual experience than it is physical, therefore it is experienced differently depending on the emotional and mental connection to it at the time. Regularly ask if it feels okay to continue and if so, with each movement gently add a little more pressure to release specific tensions spots that are filled with negative trauma. A woman needs time to reach her big-O, but its the building-up that makes it so special. If an orgasm is reached, just continue massaging as before, paying close attention to how the person receiving it is feeling, and move the fingers in a rhythmic but gentle motion to enhance the orgasm and keep it intensified for as long as possible. On the receiving end is Miss Lips, her body is arching and writhing in the wake of unstoppable orgasms. It is a deeply bonding experience and one that can enhance passion, intensify authentic love and it is also a path to spiritual awareness and enlightenment. yoni massage københavn all girl massage

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